Our Wines

Organic wine, like organic food, is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or artificial fertilizers on our vineyard. The wines are also produced without wine additives (which are residual in the end product), with the exception of a careful use of sulphur dioxide to prevent spoilage or premature oxidation.

The use of organic farming methods in the growing of the vines enables the Vigneron to be sustainable through optimization of organic material (humus) in soils. This method creates vines that are sustained by natural fertility of the soil, which then creates enhanced biological health in the vines in turn allowing us to create wines produced with flavours that better represent the region in which they are grown.

By using organic practices and eliminating the use of harmful farm chemicals, this has a positive and direct impact on the local environment and aids in the elimination of potential wine toxins which is an important consideration for the wine consumer.